Tuesday, June 23, 2009

{olivia}'s eye candy

Sugar and spice,
And all things nice,
That's what little girls [named {olivia}]are made of.
{Olivia} celebrated turning two! The park was the perfect place to celebrate her birthday with family and friends. The weather was sunny and the wind was a nice addition that acted as a fan for her photo shoot! {Olivia} was 'tutu' precious. Her party consisted of summer favorites including pails of candy, a flip flop cake, root beer, and balloons!
Happy 2nd Birthday {olivia}!

{mechelle} & {tyler} a mother and son session for father's day

A perfect gift for Father's Day is to see the bond between his wife and son. This bond was easily captured with {tyler}'s personality and {mechelle}'s beautiful smile with each shot. The laid back and relaxed summer day allowed for their true selves to be shown.

{carter} in the country

Nothing beats the simplicity and contentment of being in the country. The simple pleasures of the farm {carter} lives on made taking these photos a blissful day.
A gravel road, Dad's John Deere tractor, a tire swing, the barn, a garden, and a little boys farm boots are the simple delights that make these photos a breath of fresh air.

{aubrey} & sweet summertime

On a hot sunny day in June, I took {aubrey} to Gantz Park for surprise Father's Day pictures. All dolled up in pig tails, a pink fluffy skirt, and hi top Chuck Taylors the snapshots began. Twenty minutes into the photo shoot there were no smiles, the pink fluffy skirt was sopping wet from sitting in the creek, and the sun was draining every ounce of energy we had. As an attempt for {aubrey} to "be good", we went to get an ice cream cone with 3 scoops and sprinkles. Trying to get {aubrey} into the car, I dropped all 3 scoops in the car seat. In a sheer panic to get her and the ice cream in one piece and without melting back to the park, I picked up the ice cream and stuck it back on the cone...
a bundle of stress: $0
a skirt filled w/a pail of water: $0
3 scoops of ice cream: $3.27
& loads of photos to tell a story that lasts a lifetime: priceless